• My 5 year old daughter has been asking me for Simpsons - Hit and Run for weeks, so i bought it for her.

    Whilst i was looking at the PS2 games i couldn't believe the quality of games available at the price.

    So, always one for a bargain, and having finished Fallout 3 on PS3 (not many good RPG's as yet on PS3), i bought the following

    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy X
    Rogue Galaxy
    Tomb Raider Anniversary Ltd Edition

    ..............all for
  • pokerdon said:

    If you like RPG's then don't dismiss PS2 games, there are some amazing games out there really cheap.

    That is an understatement Don. I personally think that the PS2 had & still has the best catalog of games of any console to date.

    The games are great, the graphics above par, and the price, as you noticed, is quite friendly. I still play mine on occasion.
  • Yeah the quality of ps2 games is pretty amazings I dont play mine as musch as I really should.
  • I think something else that should be pointed out by pokerdon's post is the fact that the PS2 is still a very healthy and thriving game console.

    Developers are still creating games for the console (not as frequent, this is true), and the vast library of games one can find for the PS2 is almost mind-blowing.

    For those who aren't fortunate enough to own a PS3, do not think, in any way, you are left out in the cold with a old, good-for-nothing console, because it simply is not true. The PS2 is a very capable console with games that are both timeless classics and still just simply amazing, in terms of both graphics and game-play.