• Hi all

    This might sound really dense seeing as Ape Escape 2 is such an easy game to play, but how do I *ahem* beat the monkey? It's the first boss on a motorbike and I just keep getting run over :(

    Any help, muchos appreciated, kids! :D
  • Well, HOQ, it's like this.

    You see, what you have to do is run into the blue monkey, not away from it. It's quite obvious really.

    Best wishes


    And it took me ages to figure that out!! *slaps own forehead in exasperation*

    BTW, if anyone plays this, the Yellow Monkey is soooooooooooooooooo wrong. *shudders*

    I also thought it better to answer this so it gets moved. Hope this was the right thing to do...
  • Heh, heh....Works for me.