• My PS1 started acting up today. When you put a disc in it comes up with a blue screen and asks you to put in a playstation cd. I guess it is not reading the cd. It also makes a clicking sound. Is there anything that can be done or is this one ready for the playstation junk yard ?
  • The clicking is not a good sign, falcon. That's a sign something is wrong with the drive itself- that clicking is the lens making contact with the disc. Depending on the model of PSOne you have you may be able to adjust the lens to realign it (a search via Google turns up various sources) but you may wind up looking for a new system.

    If that does turn out to be the case it would be easier to find a new PS2, which plays all the PSOne games anyway along with its own library.
  • Thanks for the help. You were correct. It was toast. Tried another one and it was toast too. I upgraded to S Slim.. What a difference.. Thanks again