Re: Problem with SvR 2010
  • Hii... I have a problem with my game smackdown vs raw 2010 in my psp...i cant play anything as created superstar..Except in carrer mode and single match...
    I cant play RTWM as created superstar...on week 3 when want to fight fatal 4 way...When loading suddenly hang and shut down...I already installed smackdown vs raw 2010 from USA version until Europe version...But still cant play...My CFW is 5.50 gen-B(full) and my psp version 2001..Who can help me?? please Help me... Thx
  • I moved your post here as it is the best fit for the situation.

    To be honest, xevier, the problem is most likely due to the "custom" firmware you are using (at least for the hanging up and shutting down). To get that to stop your best solution would likely be to upgrade to official firmware direct from Sony (the latest of which they released Thursday).