Lego starwars 2 minikit help
  • Help looking for last minkit in "secret plans". Not sure which one i'm missing could you advise where to find all minikits in this level.
  • Here you go Burt! B)

    Minikit Canister #1: In second hallway, use Dark Force to open the doors
    on the right side. The canister is inside.

    Minikit Canister #2: In the first room with a grapple point, blow up the
    shiny bulldozer-thingy with a Thermal Detonator, then
    go under the floor to get the canister.

    Minikit Canister #3: In the first room with a grapple point, use the Force
    to create platforms at the top of the upper wall.
    Jump to the highest of these and jump up to grab the

    Minikit Canister #4: After fighting off Darth Vader, use the Bounty Hunter
    checkpoint on the right. Inside, go up to the end
    of the hall. Walk up the ramp on either side to
    release Lego bricks. Build these into a doorway, and
    the canister will be inside of it.

    Minikit Canister #5: Locate three blocks with purple grape logos on them
    to reveal the canister at the end of the first hall
    through the Bounty Hunter checkpoint. The blocks are
    found be destroying the white Lego pods to the right
    after chasing off Darth Vader (1 of 3), on the right
    after taking the left hallway off the first hall
    inside the Bounty Hunter checkpoint (2 of 3), and on
    the left after passing through the Protocol Droid-
    deactivated gold energy barrier, just past the second
    found block (3 of 3).

    Minikit Canister #6: In the cargo room, with the checkered tracks on the
    floor, use the Force to stack up the large crates in
    the back of the raised section of the floor. Jump
    from the top of this stack to the ledge overhead,
    where you can hop up to the canister.

    Minikit Canister #7: After the cargo room, drop the red force field in the
    hall using a Protocol Droid. Use the Force on the
    first upper orange segment on the left side to reveal
    a hatch containing the canister.

    Minikit Canister #8: After using the crane to eliminate a pair of
    Stormtroopers, go back to the Bounty Hunter-only area
    and board one of the two vehicles that you can build
    there. Ride it back to the room with the crane, and
    drive over the lift along the back of the floor. The
    canister will appear over top of the lift.

    Minikit Canister #9: Locate three more '# of 3' prompts to reveal the
    canister. The first is in the last white hallway,
    found by destroying the wall segments on the left
    side. The second is inside the Stormtrooper
    checkpoint on the left side at the end of this hall,
    activated by destroying the white Lego pods. The
    last is found by blowing up the silver cylinders in
    the last hallway with a Thermal Detonator.

    Minikit Canister #10: Inside the Stormtrooper's bath at the end of the
    final hallway, use the Dark Force to lift the plug
    and drain the pool. The canister will appear above