i forgot my password
  • I was wondering if u guys can find out my password because this kid when i w3as playing call of duty modern warfare2 he told me i have a hack to show u so i added him as a friend then he showed me the hack.Then he said he would do it for me so he told me give my password and email to him so he can do it.i gave it to him then he said go back online in 15 minutes then it would be ready so i went offline then i went back on sign in and my password was missing.then i looked for the sheet of paper that i wrote my password on i go it so i copied it word for word and it aint letting me go back online.plese tell me the awnser for this:(
  • Hawaii, you fell for one of the older tricks in the books to grab other people's passwords. Your "friend" most likely changed the password soon after you went offline and now your account is pretty much gone.

    You'll need to contact Sony ASAP to see if they can get your account back. Hopefully he never changed any other details on your account (and if you had a credit card on there to fund your store wallet cancel that before he can run up a tab on you).