playstation network not connecting
  • i have a wired connection to a linksys wireless router and when i go to network settings on the ps3 it obtains an ip address and internet connection but when it comes to playstation network it usually comes up with an error or it says it timed out. There is the odd times it lets me sign in but it kicks me off after roughly 10 minutes. i tried putting my ps3 in DMZ on my router to avoid any firewall issues but it is still doing the same thing. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • First up, check with Linksys' site for possible firmware updates for your router. After that I would suggest unplug both the modem and the router as well as turn off the PS3. After about 30 seconds turn the modem back on and wait for it to show normal lights. After that, do the same for the router. Finally, turn the PS3 back on and try again with going online.
  • I have done the firmware upgrade already and have unplugged the modem and router quite a few times and neither seemed to help. what could possibly be making only the playstation network not connect but still allow a solid internet connection?