EverGrace PS2 | Sharliene Lab Level
  • In Evergrace for the PS2. When you've switched to the girl's game in the Laboratory

    When you've beaten the 4 legged Blue Beast in Morpheus' command room & you've opened up most of the steel gates.

    How do you open that last gate that's next to those poisoned floor area (they're diamond shaped)?

  • Use Fairy Armor to hover over the poisoned floor and you will find yourself in a room with a mirror. Look into it to start a battle with 5 dopplegangers of yourself. When they are defeated head to the next room to find a chest with a key inside.

    Now you can backtrack to the rotating platform and get off when facing West. Use the keys to open the door and move on.
  • Thank u so much. Now I can move on & finish this old school game.