Dream Catcher (short; Animatix)
  • I saw it friday because I saw a preveiw of the animatrix and it said it would show at the begining of Dream Catcher, so basically I spent my $7.00 to see a 15min long CG animatrix short.

    And actually I thought the short was awsome! The graphic were truly amazing. The best I have ever seen. My friends thought it was real until I pointed it out to them. The muscles and skin on the characters looked so Real, even the eyes moved and blinked like in real life. I cant wait to see the next one.

    Okay, well for the movie, I thought it was preety good, well for about 45mins, when you didnt really know what was going on, but as soon as you figured out what was happening it was kind of dumb. It was based on a steven king book, go figure.

    If anyone else saw it give your thought, more prefablly on the animatrix short though. ;)

    And if anyone who hasnt seen the movie yet and wants me to spoil it for them, shure to PM me so I can give you the low down on the movie. :ph34r:
  • If you read my Anime on TV thread in my Anime section of the forums then you would have noticed a link to the Animatrix site that actually has a few of the shorts on there to watch(yes, it's the official site and it's free). They will all be released on DVD in July....I think the 17th was the release date for it. I ave only seen a little but yes it is great animation and i will be getting the DVD when it's released. Oh, 4 of the shorts are from the Wachowski Brothers, one is from the Evangelion creator, and there are a couple others in there that i can't remember but some other popular japanese producers worked on a few of the others. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Yeah, I saw it yesterday! Is the whole thing out? That's what I went to see, Dream Catcher! It looks so real, it's wicked! :)