• I remember playing a game for PS1 a long time ago and never finished it and have been wanting to do so lately. There's just one problem I can't remember what the name of the game is.
    The game is set in the future. In the game you are a rookie pilot of something like a mech. You and your team are sent to investigate why communications have been cut off from a colony. When you get there you discover that the automated defense system is haywire so you have to "purge" areas of enemies so you can find out whats going on. As the game progresses you find out that the colonist are dead and have kind of become zombies yet they are still able to pilot mechs and tanks to fight you. During the game you keep running in to this humanoid monster that starts out very small but each time you meet it, it is bigger. The game have a lot of voice acting and each character had an anime portrait that would appear when they talked.

    Additional details
    -The colony had a mine with some kind of important metal.
    -Some of your team mates die and become zombies I remember having to fight one.
    -You can find weapons as the game progresses and equip them.
    -The game was kind of an early 3d fps/ mech game.

    I have been asking all over and nobody knows the name of this game. If you do please tell me it will be much appreciated.
  • The closest I could think of offhand was the longest titled PSOne game there was- BRAHMA Force: Assault On Beltlogger 9. Thing is, i don't recall this ever having team mates that turn into zombies and it is set on a space colony, not a mine.