HTC Touch Pro 2 WiFi -> PS3 :)
  • I know this question has been asked before, and on several forums I have been told it wasn't possible due to a non-supportive Ad-Hoc capability within the PS3, but that was a while ago, and I know firmware changes happen often, as well as the ongoing hacking and programming from the legions of tech-savvy wizards out there - so I thought I'd ask again.

    I do not have true internet service at my home, because I have been using an HTC Touch Pro 2 (WinMo 6.1)

    I'm trying to share my Verizon TP2's Internet connection, through a WiFi hotspot/access point sharing, or Wired Ethernet Bridged Crossover with the PS3. I have heard of WMWIFIrouter, and an HTC developed program called Mobile WiFi Router, but I am unsure if there is a way to mask the Ad-Hoc connection and convert the WiFi signal into an Access Point that can be seen by PS3?

    Does anyone know of a remedy to this problem I'm sure a lot of people face? If not a quick 1-2 solution with a WiFi broadcasting software... what about something like: Hook my phone up to my laptop, turn my laptops (WindowsXP) internet connection sharing ON, and run an ethernet cable from my laptop to the back of my PS3?

    Or... Option 3: If WiFi hotspot broadcasting AND Internet Connection Sharing (above) don't work... could I do TP2 -> Laptop -> Wireless Access Point -> Sends out WiFi Signal -> Masks the fact it is an Ad-Hoc -> PS3 online(using something like this:!! (?)

    So- which option is best?
    A) Via a phone + PC and + a Bridged Ethernet Cable so that the Ad-Hoc is masked and the PS3 recognizes the connection and makes my life a beautiful symphony of bliss!? Ethernet Crossover (here):
    b) Directly (cell phone WiFi to PS3)
    C) Via the phone + PC (Internet Connection Sharing from the laptop into the PS3)
    D) Via a phone + PC and + Wireless Access Point (Access Point broadcasts the signal from the PC that originates from the phone)