playstation network issue
  • i just got my ps3 slim 120gb 2weeks ago and everything was setup fine, i could go on psnetwork, play online yadda yadda.

    now i can't sign in psnetwork and i get ps3 disconnected from media server. i don't know if this is the problem but i installed tversity 2-3 days ago and everything worked fine until today where i cant sign in psnetwork but i can go on the web browser.

    i tried disabling upnp, i dont think port forward is the problem but i dont know much about these things and my router is old ass but worked before so..

    what seems to be the problem? =[

    i am on a wired connection
  • Two things i would suggest is give the router a full reboot and check the router manufacturer's site for a firmware update. Unplug the power to the router for about 30 seconds or so then fire it up again.

    You may want to also try disabling the media servers in the Network section to see if this helps on the PS3.
  • by a full reboot you mean shutting it down for 5minutes? if so, i've done that.

    also disabled media servers with no results and router is so old there's no update.

    i guess it's time to get a new router or something. which one would you suggest? not a wireless one.
  • My personal choices as branding goes are D-Link and Linksys (D-Link being my first choice). Seeing as you are going wired you won't need to get overly pricey but it would be a good idea to get one with wi-fi built in just on the off chance you get something that uses it in the future.