• Hello, I'm having problems logging in to my psn account!!!!! :(
    Everything seems to be fine until it tries to log in to the network, I tried to link up to the internet and it worked, in fact I am typing this from my PS3. I'm trying to play COD MW2 and I can't connect to my profile.. I'm trying to give you as much detail as I can but I'm not to good with this stuff.
    My internet connection is good at around 80% all the time going up to 94%
    I've been trying for 2 days now once in a while to fix this and you guys are pretty much my last resort.. unless a new patch is coming out soon to fix this
    thanks in advance
  • Is this the first time trying to play online or have you done so with no problems with other games?
  • I have played often on the network... I played COD MW2 for 1 day or so playing time with no problems.
    I also played COD WAW up to prestige 6 with no problems either and played zombies a whole lot.
    its only been 2 days or so that this problem occured to me
  • Well, for the moment i would suggest giving the router (and the modem as well) a full reset to see if this helps. After that you may want to doublecheck the port forwarding- Modern Warfare 2 needs port 3074 (both TCP and UDP).
  • THANKS!!! it worked :D
    I don't know why it did i never had any problems with my internet connection it was only the psn... anyways it worked so thanks a lot!!!