Tiger Woods 09, Only can save one profile?
  • Hi everyone!
    I'm new here...just joined a few minutes ago and I have been trying for a few days to save more than one player profile...my buddy and I both are really into this game, just got it a month ago, and we would like to play each other with our own characters. The problem is that whenever we try to build him a character, it isn't being saved?? I'm really hoping that I'm the one doing something wrong here! I'm new to the whole "gaming" thing. I haven't had a ps, xbox, nintendo or anything ever before! Any suggestions on how we can both have our own characters? Thanks in advance for suggestions!

  • What you'll need to do when you get into the create a player section is first make sure you are not using the same slot your own player is in. Go into Manage My Golfers, select slot 2 and start putting the created golfer together (or if your other player has a golfer already select "load and find it). Once you have both players loaded go into the multiplayer with two controllers fired up and each should be able to select their respective golfer.
  • Thank you! I'm excited to try it!