Sudden Crippling Lag
  • Hi i've been having this problem for about 2 weeks now (everything was fine from sept till now) anyway i can play fine all day then suddenly (normally between 10-1am random start time in the middle of a game, like right when i get to lvl 20 in nazi zombies codW@W :frown: heh) the game gets so laggy i cant even play the zombies which normally take .1 of a sec to get to you, now run on the spot for 10 sec and you flash into death. i try to log off and back on and no improvement. sometimes unplugging the router and modem works, sometimes it doesn't. if i bypass the router and go straight into the modem it works fine.
    i thought maybe another computer was fighting for ip address, which would make the forwarded ports go to the wrong machine. so i set it to .130 (normally only use .100, to .105 was the most i had goin at once so way up at .130 there should be no conflict) i've set all the ports to the ones you've answered 90% of the problems with lol so doesnt seem to be that. but has to be the router somehow because straight into the modem works fine. i'm stumped. but moreso frustrated. any ideas?

    oh yeah its a linksys WRT54G could it be dying and simply need to be replaced?
  • You could check out Linksys' site to see if a firmware upgrade is available for your router to see if that helps.
  • Thanks for the help. my firmware was 2 versions behind. but i'm still having problems. even after turning off the power for 30 secs on all units, when i try to join a game it just sits there with only me in it. its not just a slow day i tried all kinds of games. also in my router page my ps3 is not showing up on the DHCP client list. when testing the connection, sometimes its fine, sometimes it fails testing the playstation network and sometimes it fails at the connection speed test. i havnt had as much time to try to play today but sofar tonight i havnt been able to get on at all :(
  • Well, it's easy enough to add your PS3 to the list. You'll just need the PS3's MAC Address, which you'll find in Settings>System Settings>System Information.
  • didn't really do anything but after i posted that it started to work, which its done before so not ready to say its fixed but so far so good. i'll keep you posted. thanks again
  • yeah its still doing it. i can still connect just fine but little to no improvement on the sudden lag
  • I'm wondering if the lag may be the internet provider itself and not anything on your end or possibly (if on cable) enough others in the area using the same ISP it's bringing down the available bandwidth.

    Also, is there anything doing on one of the computers that may be sucking bandwidth that time of night (downloads of videos perhaps)?
  • ive had my torrents running and been playing smoothly, and tried turning it off when it got choppy without any luck. sometimes im sure thats what it is, sometimes it seems like its not. hard to say. but ive had it off, played got lag and since i couldnt play, turned it back on and was downloading at upto 550kb/s... it does still lag. but so far it hasnt been "permanent" like before, only lasts a couple minutes now... so maybe you're right
  • how do i add my ps3 to the dhcp list? i only see refresh delete and exit buttons. and would that even make a difference? this morning i woke up to the "connected fine, but appearently im the only one online" problem. it's like im only half connected. i can stream from pc and talk to friends, but in game it just sits there with only me in the lobby, no matter what game mode. ps3 firmware is up to date already, torrents are off... i dunno... could it be a faulty system?
  • i've been trolling other posts and forums and ont hat port forwarding site i looked up call of duty and noticed there were a couple extra ports listed for that game. but i don't have enough slots in my router settings page to add them. is there a way around this? would dmz get around that? and would it be safe to do so? when downloading content i use credit card to buy directly from psn mostly worried about someone getting that. also read conflicting things about upnp. about 50% of what i read said disable it, 50% said enable it. but neither said why. could you shed some light on that aswell? would disableing it mean i cant stream from pc? and what else does it do?
  • To reserve an Ip address for the PS3 go to the Wireless tab and then select the Wireless MAC Filter. You'll see a button here called Wireless Client List. Click that to see the list. At the bottom you should see an "Add" button- hit that and enter in the MAC Address of the PS3 along with the IP address you want to assign to it. Click on Save Settings and you are done.

    Yes, DMZ would get around having to do port forwarding altogether as this would put the PS3 in the front lines, as it were, with no firewall protection. Once you set up the PS3 in the filter list put that same IP into the DMZ. It's perfectly safe as there are no virii/ trojan horses/ other crap written to harm the PS3 (everyone much rathers to target Windows).

    uPnP should be enabled for the PS3. This setting can be tweaked in the router to be turned on and off.

    As for your cc, that is safe as well as long as you let NO ONE else know your log in details. However, if you are overly concerned you can always purchase the psn cards in stores and fill up your wallet that way.
  • i did some playing around with the settings and tried putting it in the DMZ. it was still bad. then i again plugged directly into the modem and played flawlessly... i thought DMZ was essentially doing the same thing? ive been connecting through a wire but i'll try it wirelessly and see what happens
  • ok tried again in DMZ and couldnt connect at all, tried everything again nothing. then finally told the ps3 to set itself up ("easy" not "custom" at first page) and worked flawlessly... hmmm... sounds good, but as for the port forwarding, now its .102 and ports still set for 130, didnt bother to change yet as its working fine. as for UPnP, am i correct in my understanding that this basically automatically forwards the ports on demand? and if so, wouldnt that mean if its on i dont need to forward them at all? is all that only when UPnP is not available and i basically been setting it up to conflict itself? i remember having problems connecting to friends and thats why i forwarded them to begin with, was the problem at their end after all? hmmm but they get nat2... and i had no problems for like 3 months with ports set up.... i dunno.. sorry lol i tend to ramble, especially at 2 am.
  • i think i figured it out. when i was manually setting things up, and it asked for my DNS numbers. i made the mistake of typing in my DNS numbers... lol stupid me... >.> hehe
    what i was supposed to be putting in was the router's IP address. has been working so far. even with torrents running.