Can't get online on PS3
  • How come when I put my Ethernet cable into my PS3, the Ethernet cable doesn't light up? But, for some reason, when I put my Ethernet cable back into my modem, the Ethernet light lights up. Now, I didn't have a problem with this until my internet "mysteriously" stop working. And I also will get the IP timed-out message, if I try to set up my connection "manually". I changed my IP address on my PS3 as well. I also get the DNS error, and the "your IP has timed-out" message.
  • I also have a similar problem. Im using a wired connection with no router, all the other times I have logged in with no problem but this time when I tried to test my connection it would say "Connection test complete" "The attempt to obtain an IP adress timed out."
  • Prodigy, your description sounds like you are taking the cable from the wrong place- don't you mean plugging the ethernet cable back into your computer? have you been powering down the modem when swapping the cable?
  • I just switched the Ethernet cable around, and it worked :| Boy do I feel stupid. But thanks, Lyndon.
  • I have this exact same problem, Although I didn't do what you have done. I plugged into my PS3 and then into my modem and not the modem connected to my computer. Although I have tried that too, But It hasn't worked as well. I get this DNS error and I have looked online about it but none of those things help at all. What I have been doing is connecting my PS3 into my modem that connects too my cable modem that helps me get online on my computer. I don't really think I know what I'm doing. I haven't been able to do anything it has been a really long time. I have tried everything and nothing at all seems to be working. I have looked this up online and nothing helps me at all.
  • Trying to use two modems is what is causing the issue. What you need is a router. The modem connects to the router and then the router spreads the internet to your PS3 and PC.