PS3 Problems connecting to network
  • Hi all this is my problem

    i originally had my ps3 conected wirelessly to a router, which had a direct connection to my computer, in the same room as the ps3. now i have a new router, abit further from the ps3. The signal strength on the pc is still full.

    My old router was a D-Link G Frequency and the new one is a Belkin N Frequency, which says it supports all frequencies (i dont know the model number).

    Now when i go to connect the ps3 to the router it connects sometimes but disconnects really soon after. while connected the signal strength is full but otherwise it cannot detect anything. Also i receive Error 8001000A, sometimes B, and "A connection error has occured" . this also happens if i disable and then reenable the network connection. also if i do a connection test it fails.

    Any help would be appreciated
  • From what I have seen the PS3 does not seem to play too well with N routers in general and Belkin in particular. While those routers "say" they will do other speeds the tech in them is still in the draft stages and may not work as well as one would like.

    To be honest, i would switch back to the D-Link router, which was working fine. The wireless shouldn't be a problem from the new location if only, say, a couple of rooms down.
  • the reason for the router is a switch from cable internet to adsl 2+ so i have to use the new router.

    are there any devices on the market to fix the problem. i have heard something about microsoft developing a solution to this but cant seem to find anything about it

    I was thinking of plugging the ps3 directly into my computer and maybe somehow leaching network that way. or maybe connecting my old router to my computer and having the ps3 connect to that and use my computer to connect to the main server.

    im really desperate to fix this problem as it has made my ps3 next to useless