internet connection signing in and out problem
  • now,first off im glad i joined this site,very informant.this is a great on to my problem.i have 2 laptops in my apartment which never lose internet connection at all.i have a wired connection running from my router to my ps3,i can sign in no problem,but it tends to sign me out frequntly,i have run the internet connection test and it says everything is fine.i could be playing call of duty for 2 hours and not get signed out,then sumtimes it will sign in,then sign out.its not really a frequent problem but when it does happen its kind of a pain in the ass when im in the middle of an online game and it signs me out.the error i get is"ehternet cable not connected"which it is connected,lol.i dont know whats goin on,as i was writing this i just happen to look up at my tv and it that message just came up,lol.actually its not really a laughing matter appreciate all the help i can get,thks
  • Shizza, sounds to me like you may have some sort of IP conflict going. It's possible one of your laptops and the PS3 are going for the same IP address, which would cause one to be kicked offline.
  • mmmm intresting,thats not what i figured you were going to tell me,lol.didnt really think tha laptops had anything to do with it,ones mine and the other is my i said the error that always comes up is "no ehternet cable attached".maybe i need a new ethernet cord?or could it be somthing else?the only connection i lose is on the ps3 not the you know why one of them would be going for the same ip adderess?and how could i dwelve deep into this problem to fix it?:confused:
  • One thing you could do is go into the router settings and reserve an IP address for the PS3. You'll need the PS3's MAC Address for this, easily found by going to Settings>System Settings> System Information on the PS3. This will ensure that the problem isn't from IP conflicts. You could do this same thing for the laptops to let each get the same address every time.

    You could try plugging the ethernet cable into one of the other outgoing ports in case it is a problem with the one feeding your PS3. Of course, it may be as simple a solution as giving the router a reboot.
  • would you know how to get into the router to get to the settings and reserve an ip address?
  • Depends on what brand and model of router you are using as it's different for each one. The disc that came with yours should include a .pdf version of the user guide, check that out and you'll find the way.