ksm 440ACM laser not responding
  • Hi guys

    I recently opened up my ps laser to make it stop skipping. by using some sheet metal for lifting it up higher (making it perfectly horizontal).

    After i reassembled it today i noticed it won't move at all left or right, the worm gear pictured below makes the white gear move but the bigger white wheel won't move at all
    (the one pointed out) beside the thumb.

    i've tried many things, including popping out the actual "snap-on pinion gear" as it is called that, but it won't move even when all the others do.

    what else can i try? i've checked for any glue that might have slipped and stopped it but there's none! it is completely clean and grease free.

    I haven't applied any grease onto the sled rails or the gears since it will make it harder to handle with my fingers, i'm waiting for it to be perfectly moving before finally applying the grease.
  • I almost forgot to say, this is when i slide the gears with my fingers (not plugged in) and they've now been greased up,
    which has made it begin sliding left and right but very slowly,
    i moved the worm gear only to simulate a real cd playing.

    I'll let you know how it goes when i plug it in.