Soul Caliber 2
  • Okay well since there going to release Soul Caliber 2 on each console, meaning Gamecube, X-box and PS2. There will be 1 special character for each console.

    Gamecube will get Link
    X-box will optain Spawn
    and the PS2 will receive Heihachi

    Now I own all three systems and I really cant decide wich console im going to buy it for.
    Here's what I know about the characters: got it from a game site

    Link is a versatile fighter whose array of moves draws on the actions seen in the various Legend of Zelda games. You'll be able to use a variety of special moves such as shooting arrows, and throwing bombs and Link's boomerang, and also do a charge attack with the Master Sword. It's strange to see Nintendo's well known character in Soul Calibur II, but he seems like he can hold his own.

    Heihachi is a slightly better fit than Link, and now is armed with bracers that he uses to deflect his opponents' weapons. Tekken fans will find he has access to a solid helping of his moves and that the loss of a button hasn't changed the way he handles. He is still a very powerful fighter who can dole out a considerable amount of damage. He's got all his classic moves and even his 10-string attack combo, plus his character model is totally redone for Soul Calibur II.

    Spawn is probably the oddest fit across all the platforms thanks to a varied array of moves that includes an ability to fly and some projectile attacks that allow him to do a fair amount of ranged fighting. While these moves do seem to provide a rather unfair advantage, it's certainly possible to overcome them. Spawn fans will appreciate that his second outfit shows Todd McFarlane's classic character unmasked.

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  • I voted for Heihachi if just because he uses no weapons and in a game where all the other characters are using weapons, that's pretty darn good. I think he'd be more of a challenge to use than would both Spawn or Link considering they both have ranged attacks where they can sit back and attack while Heihachi has to upclose and personal to win. Besides, the only difference in the versions is that the GC and Xbox versions have a slight advantage in graphics but nothing notable. Oh, and I too have all three systems so it wouldn't matter on that end of the spectrum. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I too voted for Heihachi. I'll love to play him.

    Then again, Link came close, simply because of the three, Link is the one that is actually the most associated with his particular console. (Well, not console, but Nintendo at least.)
  • Well, I go for Heihachi too... He in Tekken 4 takes alot of life with one punch like who needs weapons...
  • Have to go with the H man. I've been a long time advocate of melding Soulblade and Tekken.