another can't play online
  • I am new to the PS3, just hooked mine up today. i am using the wireless, and my internet connection is good but when I try to play a game online, an error message pops up saying 'you have lost my connection to the playstation network.' i already added the ports, and the ports for the game. any further suggestion? Has adding the ports actually helped anyone?
  • Yes, adding the ports does help- without them being open the PS3 would not connect at all for games.

    You may want to see if giving the router a power cycle may help. Just unplug its power for about 30 seconds or so then fire it up again. Also, what is the signal strength between the PS3 and your router?
  • let me start by saying thanks for the reply. the router strength varies, anywhere from 65%-100%. but most of the time it is at 72%. I've done a "power cycle" already, but I will try that again. Also, I've even changed my firewall settings to "dmz" still nothing. I can connect to the network but still can't play online.
  • Part of it may be the signal strength if 72% is the norm. How close is your router? It's possible doing a wired connection would help or even try checking for a firmware update for the router.
  • how do I change the signal stregth? I have at&t uverse, so (if you are not familiar with them) the router is connected to my bedroom television. and it's a wireless router.
  • oh and I've been searching online but can't find any update for my firmware
  • The only way to get the signal strength stronger would be to get the PS3 and the router closer together. Depending on how far away it is things like walls, electrical wiring, etc. can cause interference and block some signal. This is why i suggest using a wired connection if possible, using ethernet cable to connect the two.
  • That's not gonna happen, I can't stretch an ethernet cord from one side of my house to another. why have a wireless option if I can't use it?
  • hey just wanted to update you, I got everything going. im up and running now. It was the ports, I had them mixed up. quick question for you theough... am I going to have to open new ports everytime I play a new game?
  • I was wondering if it may be something to that effect after a while.

    No, you won't need to enter those every time, the router will keep those ports stored and open them when your PS3 needs them.