psp game says accessing memory stick but doesn`t move on any further
  • Hi I have a game that I would like to play and save, when I load it with the memory stick (which works on my other psp games) it informs me that I need to have a memory stick installed to save as it won`t autosave without one. I press agree to have it save automatically and the screen then says accessing memory or accessing memory stick but it just stays like that until I eventually turn it off! The game will play without the memeory card in but can`t save what can be causing it? and how can I get it to work? I have also bought a new genuine memory card (the initial memory card came with the psp when I bought it) and it works perfectly with my other games also.
    Please can you help.:confused:
  • Gayle, I would suggest using Sony's Media Go software to move all the games, game saves, etc. from the stick to your computer then have the PSP re-format the memory stick. After doing this move everything back over. In the case of that one game that isn't seeing the stick you may want to try re-downloading it if this doesn't help.