Need help naming a game
  • Back in the day, I remember renting this game that I thought was pretty dang cool. I don't remember much, but maybe someone here will know something.

    You played as some kind of Samuri who traveled to a small town that seemed to be under attack by evil forces. As the samuri, you aided the down in doing different tasks. In once case I believe a small girl had been bitten by a vampire and you had to climb to the top of a moutain to retrieve a flower that would cure her. Once you got back, however, you were attacked by the vampire and had to fight him off. I forgot to save and lost. I also remember that you learn special moves as you gained experiance

    That is all I can recall about the game. If some here could help me get the name, I would really appreciate it.
  • Only thing that i can think of it may be is Square's SaGa Frontier. Does this box art look familiar?