• hey
    im having problems with my ps3
    the fan kicks in really loud dont know why its in an open area
    i have a 40gb ps3 one year
    what should i do
    does the fan kicking like that will it damage the ps3
    i thinking of buying the slim
    will i have the same problem with the slim
    is the fan on the slim loud
  • Have you been playing for long periods of time, helghan? If so, let the PS3 shut down for a bit and cool down. It's best to take a short break every hour, both for your own health and the system's.

    You might want to vacuum the vents on there as well, could be some dust build up in there. As for the slim's fan, I don't believe it is any louder than the original PS3's.
  • hey can i use any vacuum to clean my ps3
  • That's what I suggested up above, helghan- use a vacuum hose on the vents to suck out any loose dust that may be in there. You can also use a can of compressed air (available at electronics stores) to give a quick shot in to stir up then take the hose to suck out what it stirs up.
  • hey question will my ps3 die because of the fan kicking so loud
  • Helghan, if you truly believe the loud fan is a problem you may want to contact Sony's customer service. Most likely after you do the cleaning your fan will be back to normal.
  • did cleaning with vacuum same problem
    dont know why
  • should i call and send for repairs
    the bad thing is i had it for a year and a half
  • should i buy the slim
    and live this be for now
  • was playing with a/c
    no loud fan