ps3 hangs when other computers turned on
  • :confused: Hi I've not used one of these forums befor,so here goes!
    My son keeps having problems with his ps3, on COD. Every time he plays on it, and my desktop or my other sons laptop is on, his game hangs,freezes, kicks him out. I'm his 56 year old dad and I'm tired of the agression this causes,me and his brother!!
    We have Virgin cable and a wired router. I've enabled the upnp in the router,doesn't seem to make a difference.Is it just that we can't run all three at the same time? Is there a way around this??? I'm tired of him chucking his controler across the floor and demanding!! that we switch off our connections!! Cheek!! I pay for it! Please help. (otherwise damage may be done!!!)
  • Well, PGMC, part of it might be something on one of the computers possibly sucking up bandwidth (especially if doing downloads of videos- is the other son doing that a lot on the laptop?). Also, if something on the computer is needing to use one or more of the specific ports the PS3 also uses they both can't go through at the same time.

    One thing you could possibly try is set up a custom IP address for the PS3 in the router settings (you'll need the MAC Address of the PS3 for this) and put it into the router's DMZ so that it will avoid potential port request conflicts. In the end, however, it may well be a limited amount of bandwidth from Virgin itself, in which case shutting down one of the computers would actually help (and save a bit on the electric).
  • Hi Lyndon Thanks for the reply. It's nice to meet someone who knows what they are doing!! I'll try what you suggested. But in the end I do think it's probably down to band width and that my youngest son/laptop is probably downloading more than he should!! If you have any tips on how to persuade two (adult??) sons to share, NICELY!! I would be glad to hear! Thanks again. Pete
  • Only thing I can suggest is maybe get them both together to work out some sort of schedule so that both aren't trying to do their thing at the same time (or at least cut back on the downloads/ streaming of video if that is what is sucking up bandwidth).
  • Hi Lyndon. Still trying with my router settings! Enabled DHCP,& satatic DHCP. Entered (private?) IP address for PSP, then Mac address, as box had 6 spaces!! Seems not to have done any damage! Still too early to say if fixed.
    Thanks again.
  • Sorry I did send another reply, re DMZ. No idea where it went. Pete
  • I've found that sometimes when tweaking those settings you may need to give the router a full reboot to have them kick in You may also want to check the router manufacturer's site to see if there are any firmware updates for your router.
  • Hi Lyndon. My boys are suggesting I buy a wireless router, would that make any difference,and why? Thanks. Pete
  • Going wireless would not help if the bandwidth you get from Virgin is limited. To be honest, you may see the PS3's internet connection get a bit flakier this way if it is set up some distance away from the router. I would try to find a firmware update for your current router first.
  • How do I read other peoples posts/threads, about this topic?
    It seems quite a few people have looked at this/replied.
    How do I check with Virgin re bandwidth?
    Will check out updates, though router quite old.Still works for everything else!
    Did try suggested DMZ, could not turn on, box remained greyed out.If possible to do, is it safe. Doesn't this place PS3 outside fire wall, re viruses!!
    Thanks Pete
  • They've been looking but not actually replying- it has been just us actually talking in this thread.

    You would need to contact their customer service to ask them some questions regarding the service you are getting.

    If the router is somewhat old and no updates are available any more then it may be an idea to go with a new router. If you do go wireless as they suggested do not get an 802.11 N router- the PS3 doesn't use that speed and the so-called backward compatibility of them hasn't been as goods as advertised.

    Putting the PS3 into the DMZ would be perfectly safe. While you are correct it does put the PS3 outside the router's firewall protection there are no virii/ trojan horses/ etc. written for the PS3.
  • Hi Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for all your help and advice. We still have the problem,they will just have to learn to live with it! If they have any other problems I will be back intouch. Thanks again. Pete