Can I Use Ps3 Bought from U.S ... (living in europe)
  • Hello!!! I Wanted to ask that if I order a Ps3 from America .... Can I still play games that i have bought from europe???

    the North American PlayStation hardware may not be compatible for use outside of North America. In addition, North American PlayStation hardware only supports a power supply of 120V AC, 60 Hz. We do not have any information on adapters or converters made to override territorial restrictions.
    Does that all matter when I connect it with PC Monitor not TV ??:o :eek:
  • Yes, you can use a North American PS3 but you would also need to purchase an adapter that would convert whatever voltage level your region uses to the correct level to avoid frying the PS3. This would have no effect on the PS3 games themselves as they are region free.

    The PS3 does not do connections to a PC monitor via VGA- however, if your monitor has a DVI slot you could get an HDMI-to-DVI cable.
  • Thank You Very Much Your Answer Was Very Helpful!!! ;)

    I'm planning on ordering Ps3 from Best Buy Or Sony Store,Amazon!

    I don't understand exactly what it means - item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments

    Will it ship to Europe(Estonia) or what???:confused:

    APO/FPO addresses what it means???:confused:
  • They will not ship to Estonia- APO/ FPO are military postal offices. In other words, they will send to US military bases.

    You may find it easier to browse through some sites that do ship internationally such as PlayAsia or eStarland.
  • So if i buy ps3 from Europe not from U.S.... I Can still play every game i order from America??? :confused:
  • Okay i need a HDMI to VGA cable ... if i connect ps3 and Monitor with that cable, Can i still play ??
  • Yes to both, ktn. PlayStation 3 games are region free so they will play on any PS3. Something to keep in mind, however, is any downloadable content you pick up (maps, characters, etc.) from the store IS region locked and will only work on a specific version. Content from the US store, for example, will only work on the game discs meant for the US market. Something to keep in mind if planning to import games.

    As for the cable, that will work fine, just have the PS3 set to use the HDMI port for its output.
  • Okay I Bought Ps3 Slim :) !!! Many people say that there is no HDMI to VGA cable .. or it dosent give signals to Monitor :C it dosent work (I Have VGA port in the back of my Monitor and The Monitor dosent support HDCP) I have LG Flatron W2042S!!!
    and these HDfury cables .. Should Work for sure .. At least I Think So ... but they are very expensive :C !!
    What Would You Suggest??
  • Using that cable would no doubt be less expensive than buying a new monitor (which would be the only other option). Buy the HDFury cable (but make sure of the return policy before buying just in case ;) ).