• hi:) my playstation 3 internet is not working. to be specific, my connection strength is 100%, butt when i test it it says attempt to obtain the ip address timed out

    Please help me:confused:
  • The PS3 is having problems with getting an address from the router. You may want to go into the router settings and set up a reserved IP address for the PS3 then add that to the PS3's settings. Have a look through your router's manual (found on the set up disc) for where to look as it varies from router to router.
  • I have the exact same problem, and have tried everything i can possibly think of to help it obtain the IP address. I am considering taking off my wireless security to see if that works but i really don't think that i have to, i know i am missing something.
    Please help, this is my third consecutive day trying to figure this out, THANK YOU!