New to PS3
  • Just got my daughter a PS3 for Christmas, can PS2 games be played on PS3?

    What is the difference between a Japanese version of Katamari and a US version?
  • Welcome, Jan- I'm sure your daughter will enjoy the PS3! B)

    To answer your questions, the PS3 will not play PS2 games. That ability was taken out altogether once the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle went out of production. Every PS3 from that point onward wll not play PS2 games (no problems with PSOne games, though).

    The only difference you would find between the two versions of Katamari Forever would be language- the menus and subtitles would be in Japanese.
  • Welcome to AP have stumbled upon one of the very best sites for the PlayStation fan!! Hopefully you will take some time to check out the forums and get to meet some of the great members that can be found here.

    In regards to your question about the PS3 playing PS2 games...unfortunately no. The only models that were able to do so are:

    80GB CECHE01

    60GB CECHA01

    40GB CECHH01

    20GB CECHB01

    However, none of these models are any longer in production. The good new is that the PS3 can play PS1 games.

    Anyway, welcome again to AP and we look forward to seeing you around the forums!!