Favorite Christmas toy or toys...
  • Well, we are getting to that time of year again, which got me to thinking: What was your most memorable toy or toys you got for Christmas.

    As for me, there are a few toys that always stick in my mind when I think of Christmases past, among them:

    SSP Smash Up Derby Cars

    OMG, this is one of my very favorite toys of all time. I remember mine were Black (the sedan) and red (the station wagon). The hood, trunk and doors on these awesome cars popped off when they crashed, and he dents indicated a rough & ready look to the cars as well (at least as a little boy they sure did).

    There was a big rubber wheel located at the center of the cars, of which one inserted a plastic "Rip-cord" into grooved teeth. You pulled the rip-cord as hard as your could, which in turn propelled the cars at break-neck speeds. Nturally, you and a friend would be at ooposite ends of the room, rev up the cars, and try to hit each others' cars. The one with the most parts remaining intact won!


    What little boy didn't like this classic action figure with the scar on his cheek. I received several of these one Christmas, along with the GI Jo Footlocker and a Jeep. Me amd my friends spent many hours in the front yard recreating various wars with our GI Joe's.

    Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces

    One could turn Hugo into the person of your dreams, or your nightmares. The fun really began when you dipped into his arsenal of disguises, all ready to be attached to his sinister face
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    this was probably my favorite present A Red Ryder Bb gun and no I never shot my eye out.

    On a related topic for one christmas we got my dad the leg lamp from the movie.