blue ray swap ps3 60GB
  • Hi !
    I have a ps3 60gb and the blue ray went bad (not detecting discs etc tho the drive loads and unloads fine).
    I bought a drive without logic board from ebay.
    My old drive has the BMD 001 board and the new drive needs a BMD 003.
    Can I fit a BMD 003 to the new drive and will it then work with my ps3 or have I bought the wrong drive?
    I realise I cannot use my BMD 001 board as the connectors are different.

    So, can I get a BMD 003 board and will that work with my ps3??

    Many thanks for your kind help.
    p.s Merry Christmas
  • You have bought the wrong drive. It would be easier to look for the correct drive and sell the one you had bought at first yourself to get back some of that money.