error code 80710B23
  • I am using a wired connection from U.S.A

    my playstation worked fine in all regards until about 1:00 am this morning
    i can sometimes log on but only for a few moments before i am disconnected again.

    I am using the internet connection from my university so I'm not sure how much i can really change as far as settings goes. Could anyone help me figure out what this might be?
  • Edit your PS3's network settings to show MTU as 1492 and you should be fixed up. If that doesn't work you may need to talk to your university's IT people about possibly adding the PS3's MAC Address to the network's "white list" of allowed devices.
  • i set my mtu settings to 1492. it seemed to work for a few moments and i could use the ps store later for a bit but then i began having the same problems a few minutes later.

    I had to register my playstation to use it on the school network and it's been working fine, so i think its already 'white listed' like you mentioned.

    if i run a network connection test and then immediately attempt to sign in i can log on and see my freind activity. The second i try to play an online game or go to the ps store the connection to the play station network goes out and i get the same error report.

    I have downloads that are running fine and my internet browser works fine. its just my psn connection
  • Ok- while they do have your PS3 in the white list they most likely still need to open the specific ports the PS3 needs for online gaming. You'll find those listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section.