Game Hunter (UK) for PSX?
  • Hey, I have a question about the Game Hunter, a GameShark look-a-like that's apparently from the UK. I was supposed to get my GS back from something but instead I got this back. I've been online trying to find info on this accessory & see if it's like a Pro Action Replay or whatever. I wanted to use a code for SaGa Frontier on it, it has the same # of characters as the GS code.

    When I used it though it didn't work. Since I can't find out what company even made it I was hoping someone here could help me figure out how to use it/what to do to have compatible codes to use for my PSX ... Thanks for reading this!
  • Sorry to say, Kronoan, but we won't be able to give much help in regards to this device as it allows use of pirated copies of games, which we do not endorse in any way.
  • Oh. Well I don't have any games that aren't made for NTSC anyway ... So, do you know anything about the Game Hunter or the company that makes/made it? If you do, can you let me know? I tried finding codes that would work for it but I came up with nothing. Thanks Lyndon.
  • The quick search I did wasn't able to find much information about the device other than that it allows use of copied games. Nothing regarding codes at all.
  • Oh, OK Thanks Lyndon. I guess I'll have to buy another GS when I can then, sigh ... Thanks anyway I guess ...