Psone Hardware Answers
  • Hey I was just wondering why the psone hardware answers is protected and needs a password?

    Edit:(had to edit cause I can't reply) I mean that when i try to get into the forum it says i need a password to get in there. I just want to read some of them. Upon clicking the link this is what I get:

    Please enter the Forum Password
    This forum is protected by a password. Please do not attempt to enter a password unless you are authorised. All failed attempts are logged and you may have your posting rights removed upon repetitive failure.

    Please ensure that your browser is capable of storing temporary cookies
    Forum Password
  • The PSOne hardware ANSWERS section, is just that
  • Yes, i know of what you mean and unfortunately there's nothing us Mods can do about it. I have told Jim about the problem but he's yet to have the chance to fix it. I shall lobby to Lyn now and see if he knows how to change from the Protected to normal. Though Lyn may not do anything since there may be a problem with the area and only Jim would know that one right now. So right now we may just have to wait. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Unfortunately I can't at the moment-Jim has it set for requiring a password and I am hesitant to change it as I am sure he has his reasons for doing so.I'll ask him about it and get back here about it ASAP.
  • The database on this forum was broken and has now been fixed and re-opened.