problems on getting internet connection
  • i have a problem in gaining access to the ps3 internet

    this is what comes up:
    obtain ip address-succeeded
    internet connection=failed
    the connection to the server timed out (80710092)

    and im confessed on what to do please help i really want online

    this is what i put in:
    connection methord-wired connection
    network device-auto-detect
    ip address setting- automatic
    dhcp host name-do not set
    proxy server-do not use

    please respond.
  • With the PS3 I've found you need to do a bit of hand holding and give it some of the information manually. Edit your settings to include the DNS server addresses.

    I notice you did not include a router Ip address in your list there, is this a direct connection to the modem? If so, did you unplug the modem's power before swapping the ethernet cable around?