Server disconnection
  • Can anyone help me, my brand new PS3, I will be connected to the server and looking through my computer files on my PS3, and all of a sudden, at random times, it goes away and my PS says that I am disconnected from server, how do I make this stop
  • You may need to add a port number to the forwarding settings of your router, soldierman. Add in port 5001 for both TCP and UDP, save the settings and reboot the router then give it another shot.
  • how would I do that, I am not entirely sure how to add that stuff to my router
  • Check out the pinned thread at the top of this section, soldier- you'll find a link to a site that guides to the port forwarding section for just about every router made. If you haven't before you may want to also add in the ports i list up there for the PSN gaming.