Enter The Museum But Stuck Now
  • Silent Hill 2 - Some help would be great - I have entered the musuem, looked around (painting etc.), but don't know what to do next. I assume I need to get myself a boat but have no clue how. Any tips how to get passed this point? (I read in the other FAQ's about jumping in a whole, but where is the damn whole....???) Thanks, Stephan

  • There's a big ol' hole in the wall,... I don't remember now just where it is, but I do remember that it's not all that easy to see. Just go around the room against all the walls untill you get to it. (sorry, may seem like cheesy help, but it's the best I can do! :unsure: ) I think this should help though!
  • Thanks - you're right. Wondered around a bit and got through. Appreciate you help!

  • Any time man, any time!! :D That's what we're here for, though I don't seem to have as much luck with being able to give gaming help as much as the others, so I am especially pleased when I get the chance!! B)