God of War on ps2. need help
  • I'm stuck on a level where Kratos is in Athen and he's at the top of the buildings and he says to the human "You, I must get across. Release the lever, exten the bridge" and the human replies "no, no i won't. They'll get me. You won't get across. These monsters, they'll tear me a part" I've went back downstairs, moved the arrow shooter (I think thats what you call it lol) around and shooted everything but nothing worked. What do I do now?

    Please help,
  • You are supposed to kick the Ballista (the giant crossbow) into the next room. You'll find an odd looking panel on the floor here, use R2 to open it then take out the enemies that show with Posiedon's Rage. With this done go out and place the Ballista on the gear shaped panel on the floor then use the lever to rotate it around. Once it has spun a quarter turn pull the Ballista off the gear and reset the gear with another lever pull. Now shove the Ballista back on and pull the lever- it will be pointing at the big door. Use the Ballista to shoot the door, forcing it open.