• Does anyone know which system is the better one?
    I ask because I already had two "fat" ps3s break on me. And now I am planning to get a new one don'w know if I should get another "fat" one?:eek:

    Please provide constructive feedback.
  • Not sure what would make for two systems to break down on you other than maybe cutting back on the extra long gaming sessions. My ol' 20 GB phattie from day 1 is still going strong. The slims would be using the latest equipment inside, though, and you'll get more hard drive space for the same price so may as well get a new slim and start with a fresh one year warranty.
  • I have both and like my fatty the best. although the slim has a actual button for on/off and disk eject which I like better then the touch sensitive fat the slim seems to get really hot. I guess time will tell which is the better system.
  • Although I can not state from personal experience, I have read quite a bit of the "Slim" model heating up more than the "Fatty".

    As I said, I can not confirm this, but I have read this in quite a few posts....