Beep Beep Beep B'beep Beep... Boop
  • You can hum it from beginning to end, and it haunts your dreams occasionaly, but you don't seem to mind.
    Yes... In-game music. Some of it is original and some of it is licenced. Whether you love or hate it, it's still there every time you hit the power button.

    I'm wondering if anyone has a favourite in-game song or style of music?
    Or if there was ever a song that made you cringe and shake?
    Also, does certain styles of music go with certain game genres?

    In answer to my own questions...
    It might not be actual music but it's treated like it... In GTA III and Vice City, the "ChatterBox" radio station. I could listen to it all day, I really get a kick out of it.
    The entire soundtrack to THPS 2... I'd rather be shot in the head with a crossbow then hear that list of songs again.
    I feel like instrumental techno goes best with futuristic racers (eg: Kinetica) and doesn't work with present day racers (GT Aspec).

    If you could please answer the ALL the questions I've asked in your posts.
  • I really liked the rap station in GTA3 also I liked all the old 80's in vice city, like the Mike jackson music it has and "Video killed the radio star" and stuff like that.

    I really like good RPG music, meaning the orcestrated music that is performed. Love all of them from all the Final Fantasy's. Also some from Crono cross I like, with some from darkcloud 2, ketchy, a little to ketchy sometimes.
  • When, on occation, I get to hear the soundtrack to level 1 of "Last Ninja" it send shivers of joy down my spine.
  • I know I'm starting to sound obssessed but I loved Suteki Da Ne in FFX, you know when Tidus and Yuna were snogging. I also like Melodies of life in FF9, at the end!!!!!! Just top songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink:
  • Originally posted by manneman@Apr 5 2003, 02:46 PM
    [b]When, on occation, I get to hear the soundtrack to level 1 of "Last Ninja" it send shivers of joy down my spine.[/b]

    Ohhhh manne, you take me back. I downloaded "Last Ninja" just for the sheer nostalgia factor and that music....takes me back half my life to the first game I ever completed and to much more besides *wipes away a tear*.

    I'm there with you on the shivers. :D
  • I'm a fan of RPG music all the way. I also like the soundtrack for Shinobi though.
  • I like most all final fantasy songs but the one i've been humming lately is the opening song of Kingdom Hearts before you pick how you level and what your strong point is and what your weak point is.
  • I like the intro. song in MKDA it is Immortal by Adema. :punk:
  • this is the best question yet!! :punk:
    i like ''Ordinary'' from need for speed 2 hot pursuit
    but lately ive been ''doo, du dum da doom"ing music to the blitzball in ffx.(the first one in the game)it rocks. :punk:
  • I'm an old school/retro shoot 'em up & every time I play R-Type on either MAME or PC Engine the level and boss music makes the hairs on my back stand to attention. The Same goes for the entire soundtrack of ThunderForce 4 on the Genesis/MD

    On more modern theme, the fight music from Devil May Cry gets me pumping. Not because it's dark gothic rock but is from one of my fav Japanese film music composer Shimji Makeno. It's taken from the Tech/Horror film 'Beyond the Scream' and copied to other fighting films years before DMC came out.

    ..................and then there's the music from Gameboy's Tetris! :doh:
  • Can't believe that I didn't post in this before. :blink:

    I like a good rock track, Flatout has some really good music, groups that I have never hear before but great music for that type of game. I also love the soundtrack for Gran Turismo 3 probably since I have the ability to select only the music tracks that I want to listen to in the game, very nice feature.

    But then again the kind of classical music in Black seems to suit that mayhem of that game, while being there it never distracts you from the action.

    Hopefully with the PS3 we can rip our own soundtracks onto the hard drive much like the X-box. 'Cause although I like the music in my games I also wouldn't mind listening to some Guns n' Roses, Van Halen, The Offspring, Kid Rock, Metallica and The Tragically Hip while blowing away baddies in Black or smashing someone into the wall in Flatout.
  • I guess it shows my age, but for me it has to be the soundtrack to the WipeOut series of racing games on the PSone - they say that your heart rate matches the speed of the beats in music, so no wonder I felt like I was having a heart attack when playing these games; talk about hyped-up, it would take me 3 hours to get to sleep after playing these late at night.

    I like a lot of the music in war games like Call of Duty, no because I like orchestral music, but because it really enhances the mood of the game, making you feel proud or ashamed, happy or sad throughout the whole game.

    The only stuff that doesnt 'float my boat' is the very traditional Japanese styles of music that are in many of the games originally made for the Japanese market.
  • Ridge Racer does it for me - could be that because it was the first playstation game i played and it sticks in my memory - but it always gave an edge.

    I would agree with Jim too about the Wipeout soundtrack - the mad mid 90s hardcore :59:
  • I often find myself humming the FFX tunes. Almost all FF's have really memorable soundtracks
  • I really like the soundtrack to the original Tomb Raider, especially the choral parts. The latest one isn't bad either, albeit a very different mood.

    I think my favourite has to be the Myst series soundtracks though. Haunting and evocative, I could listen to them all day. :D
    Oh, and Fahrenheit too.
  • Well, I can say that I could listen all day to some Soundtracks of games, much like Burnout Revenge and even SSX On Tour, the music selection is just divine, not to mention the main theme of SSX On Tour: Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills, which is quite a remarkable song. I often sing it. :x

    Still, as stated above, almost all Final Fantays have many memorable songs, while played Final Fantasy X, I often see myself humming to the Hymn Of The Fayth.

    Another songs I like much to hear belong to the Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Original Soundtrack. Without a doubt the songs composed by Hostile Groove are certainly one of the best I have heard.
  • The sountrack to BLACK is, altho slightly sinister, excellent.

    I often find myself putting GTA III, VC or SA on, jacking a car, parking in a remote location and just listening to the stations till that repeat and then going onto the next station.

    Anyone remember the old tune to Mario Brothers ?
  • My favorite is the music for Resident evil directors cut, its bad azz!

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