The mummy - help for this game
  • hi everyone!1
    i hope someone can help me!! Is there someone who knows
    the game "the mummy" as i can't go on in an area called
    "the curse of boils" actually i'm missing 2 pieces of the book,
    but i reached an area where there are some cannons, which
    usually spit fire, that spit something white and the first 2
    cannons can be overpassed as they allow a pause, but
    there are 2 of these cannons thwt make no pause and as
    the ceiling is too low it's not possible to jump and between
    the cannons there is a hole where if you fall inside you die!
    is there someone who knows what i'm talking about?
  • the cannons that emit white smoke have to be turned off. I beat this game last year so i really do not remember it to much. As you know by know, by knocking over pillars and changing the puzzles on the wall help turn those cannons off. Try game for cheat codes