• Allright, I bought my PS2 around Christmas of 2001. The laser on it burned out and I sent it in to get refurbished about June of last year. So I still have that refurbished system.

    Last night, my PS2 began acting weird. It will play PS1 games, but nothing from PS2, or DVD.


    1. Any ideas what's wrong? And can I do any thing to fix it?

    2. What kind of warrenty does the refurbished system have? If I sent it back to Sony, would I have to pay a fee? Would it be better just to buy a new PS2?

    3. Can you tell me the phone # of the american Sony Support Line?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Later all,
  • 1. Sounds like the DVD laser is screwed......or just dirty. You may want to try cleaning it(with a disk cleaner) before deciding it's screwed.

    2. All consoles, whether new or refurbished come with only a 3 month warranty. Whether or not they'd charge you isn't known....You can always try and get it fixed free. Once you find out how much they'll charge you to fix it....If it's more than half the cost of a new one then buy a new one and make sure to get an extended warranty on it(2 years after manufacturer's warranty) so you won't have to pay anything if it messes up over the next 2.25 years.

    3. 1-800-345-SONY

    Well, i hope that yu enjoy posting and have fun gaming and sure hope you get that PS2 working right again.

    Lyn, always a step late.....heh, heh.
  • Sounds like more of the Disc read error problems that have been making the rounds lately.Sony is fixing this for free I believe-the North American tech support number is 1-800-345-SONY (1-800-345-4669).
  • Ok, thanks guys, suppose I should make a correction to what I said though. It seems that some games load sometimes, and then won't load again, it's very strange. I'll call Sony though and see what they say, thanks much for your help.

    Later all,