javier zendejas
  • i would like to know how i use your gift card to buy games and how do you upload them to my psp handheld. thank you
  • They are not "our" gift cards, we are not Sony. You are acrually at an independent site that covers PlayStation. We happened to name the forums "PlayStation network" before Sony came up with their official name.

    To use the code on the card just go into the store itself on the PSP and sign in using your PSN log in. In the top right corner of the store's main screen you'll see a small symbol with the number 12 and a pencil-shaped bit. Go here to enter your card number to add the money to your account. Then you can start shopping!

    Once you confirm your purchase of a game, theme, add-on, etc. you'll see the button to actually download it- just have this highlighted and hit X to begin the download. I suggest having your charger plugged in while doing this just in case the battery dies part way through- if it does you'll need to start the download again.