PS3 Network Timeout - Help me Please..
  • Hey guys..

    sorry to be a pain on this.. i know you guys get alot on this and it looks like a common problem.. but ive been trying 2 days now back to back to get this to work.

    ok here is the spec..

    I use a D-link 2640R modem/router.

    when trying to connectg to the PS3 network i get te following.

    An error has occured. You have been signed out of the playstation network
    (80710B23) - (this is when i try signing directly into PSnetwork)

    I have tried to set a DMZ with the IP as
    also assigning that to the playstation with the following via manual setup;

    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Default Router
    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS

    IP address Succeeds
    Internet Succeeds
    PS network Failed

    Timed Out

    Surely the DMZ means i dont need to set up a static IP? I'm bit the biggest techhead in the world but can follow insructions well.

    I wonder if anyone can help me out here? im at a loss!

  • perhaps i should mention im trying to connect wirelessly.. every other connection on the network is fine, 360, laptops
  • Actually, you would still need to make sure that IP address is the one the router is giving your PS3 otherwise it may be giving a different one altogether at random.

    I would also remove those DNS adresses you have in the PS3's settings currently and use the ones that would be found in the router's settings itself.
  • sorry before I mentioned im a tech head.. i meant that to say im not lol..

    ok I have set the DNS IP's to that which the router is showing via it's status.

    now when setting the static IP how should i do this? and will i need to port forward even with the DMZ?

    on the router options for settings a static IP I get the following questions for completion;

    Static IP Address Internet Connection Type :
    Enter the static address information provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Connection Type : 1483 Bridged IP LLC1483 / Bridged IP VC-Mux1483 // Routed IP LLC1483 / Routed IP VC-Mux
    NAT : Disable/Enable
    IGMP : Disable/Enable
    Default Route : Disable/Enable
    Default Gateway :

    (The Default Gateway will apply to all WAN connections.)

    VPI :
    VCI :
    Virtual Circuit : DisableEnable
    Service Category : CBRUBRrtVBRnrtVBR
    PCR : cells/second
    SCR : cells/second
    MBS : cells

    any idea what I should be putting? and where? all your help is much appreciated..

    have tried inputting ip's for PS3 / router and im getting this message..

    "ERROR: FAIL TO UPDATE DUE TO... Duplicate to LAN IP network !"
  • any ideas? sorry..