Internet Connection
  • Yeah, the same problem half the community seems to half.
    We pay all this extra money for a console that gives up less, that has more problems etc. (compared to another x console)
    I mean I love my PS3, but seriously, connecting shouldn't be this difficult.
    I've portfowarded, my router is NetGearWG111V2.

    I get 70-ish% connection

    And yeah the same time out error.

    I've read the last 3 pages, no helpful info has been given, and the tips..
    I'm probably just missing one little thing, but I don't see how any of the help is relevant.

    Why does it not work.

    Sorry if I've come across arrogant etc.

    It's just I've spent the last few hours trying to fix it and it's starting to get to me ><
  • haha, same story!
  • I did some looking around for possible solutions and it seems that particular adapter just will not work for PS3 connectivity. I would suggest returning the netgear (if a recent purchase) and picking up an actual router.
  • So netgear isn't compatible with PS3?
    And what do you mean by actual router?
  • I searched out some info using the model number you gave, all the info was on a USB dongle used to pick up wireless. I would suggest grabbing an actual wireless router such as those made by Linksys or D-Link (just two examples) and have the modem feed into that, which can then be accessed by all devices including the PS3.
  • Unfortunately grabbing a new router isn't an option for my family.

    I tried the following Troubleshoots
    Troubleshoot a wireless network connection

    and then went through some pdf files on how to set up internet
    Setting up a wireless network connection (basic settings)

    no luck.
    although i think the error is slightly diff, still timed out etc.
    but not sure.
    says timed out, the code or w/e might be incorrect.

    but it works for ipods etc. so, it must be.