• when activating guitar on guitar hero 5 the playstation is picking up the guitar as a microphone. how do i chnage this so it picks up the guitar as the guitar???

    Please help
  • make sure the usb dongle for the guitar is in the first USB slot then follow these instructions (as taken from the Guitar hero support page):

    Do the following to connect and sync your guitar to the Playstation 3.

    Connect the wireless dongle to USB port 1 on the front of the system.

    Turn on the guitar controller.

    Press and hold the connect button on the dongle.

    Press the PS on the front of the guitar under the whammy bar.

    If it does not sync properly; Move or turn off anything near the PS3 that uses a wireless transmitter (this includes cordless phones and other non PS3 wireless controllers). If your PS3 is inside an entertainment center please remove it and try to sync the guitar again. Large metal objects near the wireless transmitter can also interfere with the signal. You should also vary your distance from the console, if you are far away come a little closer, if you are close move back. Some people have had issues syncing their guitar controller while being very close to the console.