• Hi I have bought a PS2 console today.

    In the package i received only the console, dualshock analog controller, power cable, a/v cable. The model number of the PS2 console is SCPH-90004. It has a network port.

    I have connected one end of the ethernet cable to the PS2 console and the other to my linksys WAG200G router.

    I do not know what else is required to connect my PS2 to my linksys broadband internet router and how can i pay games online.

    Can anyone help me pls.

  • You also should have found a disc with the network configuration set up in with the system. If this was not there you should check either with the place you bought the PS2 or contact Sony themselves about having this sent to you. Of course, if you have a PS2 game that has online play you should be able to find the set up routine on it as well.