Ffx Help Please?!
  • Hopefully someone out there can answer this. I'm trying to get Anima, been to Baaj, inserted all six (spheres?) into the idols but the first idol on the left as you enter will not "light up" or recognize me?! What have I done wrong or missed? I'm terribly frustrated with this since I've read all the hints I could find on obtaining Anima and thought I had followed them. Also, is there a way to get the Sisters without getting Anima first? I'm a brand new member and I'm counting on you veterans out there to clue me in! Thanks!! :blink:
  • the first one on the left is Zanarkand. Go back to the trials chambers and solve one last puzzle to find the Destruction Sphere treasure.
    There's no way that i know of to get the Magus Sisters without first getting Anima.
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