PS3 network connection issues
  • Dear Godsquad
    I am currently having problems connecting to the playstation network via my ps3. I am able to connect to the internet via my PS3 but am unable to connect onto the PS network. I have had my PS3 for only a week (since christmas) and have not been able to access the PSN at any time during this period. (I am using a netgear router)
    I've had a look around on the web and have found several people recommending creating a DMZ which I then have done to no avail. I have also found several people saying to put in different codes which they said have worked for them into the primary and secondary DNS, which I again tried to no avail.
    I am getting increasingly frustrated with the problem and on the verge of getting a guy to come in to try and solve the problem.
    Yours sincerely:
  • Sounds like all you need to actually do now is some port forwarding settings in the router. Head into the PS3 Console section and check out the pinned thread marked "getting your PS3 Online- Some Tips". You'll find the ports Sony uses as well as a link to a site that guides to the port forwarding section of just about every router made.