IP Succeeded. Internet Connection Failed?
  • i just got my new ps3 slim
    and im trying to connect wirelessly

    ive entered the wep key manually
    ip entered manually,

    i go to take a test.
    ip succeeds in 2 seconds.
    then internet connection takes way longer then fails.
    then it says an error occured when connecting to the server this is a dns error 87.. blah blah.

    i spent three days reading solutions and tried them all.
    i read one solution and tried itwhich was manually changing dns address to

    that didnt work.

    and i also disabled media connection server. and nothing.
    i also tried system update, but didnt work cause i couldnt connect to internet.

    oh yeah, my internet definatly works i use that computer everyday.
    i tried resetting my modem and everything.

    i need help please. i was looking forward to playing live.
    and this was a christmas present..
    help please!

    thanks in advance.
  • Replace the DNS server settings you have there with the actual DNS servers you'll find within the router settings. You'll also want to do some port forwarding while in the router settings- we have the ports listed in a thread at the top of this section.

    BTW, I closed the poll as it was totally not needed. ;)
  • okay.
    i changed the dns servers back to there original address.
    by using ipconfig/all in the cmd thing.

    but i am not good with technology, and am not familiar with port forwarding and the whole steps to get in the folders and such,

    please help?
    sorry im so anxious.
    i just wanna play psn.

    haha, btw, thanks for the close.:cool:
  • Lyndon,
    when you get the time, please answer my above reply.

    sorry again,
  • You didn't need to go into ipconfig /all to find the correct DNS server numbers. You log into your router's set up using the user/password combination in the quickstart instructions that came with the router.

    As for the port forwarding, have a look at the pinned thread at the top of the section here. It includes the ports needed as well as a link to a site that guides to where to add those ports.
  • i dont think i have the instructions for my router is there an alternative to get into the router?

    as for port fowarding i still do not understand it after reading the huge tutorial.
    is there quick simple steps that you could inform me about port forwarding.

    is the ipconfig/all still correct information for the dns numbers?

    please answer asap,
    thanks again in advance for futher information, and i am also sorry for anxiousness, and the bother.
  • What make and model of router are you using, PS3Problems? I thought they made the instructions very easy to follow for most.
  • i am currently using.. "SIEMENS SpeedStream 6520, wireless ADSL Gateway,
  • Ok then- when you have your web browser open put the IP address in the address bar (where you normally see the URL for the site you are on). When this loads type in the word admin in both the username and password blanks and click the log in button.

    When it loads you will see this screen:


    Click on Security in that little menu on the left side of the screen (looks like a padlock). From here, on the main part of the screen click on the icon called "Address Translation".


    On the screen that comes after this you will see "Use No Address Translation", "Address Translation (NAT)" and "Port Bypass (NAPT)". Select the small dot beside the last one then click the "configure link beside it.


    On the screen that comes up you will see a link at the bottom of the page that says "Add a custom Bypass Entry". Click that to bring up this screen:


    This is where you add in the port forwarding rules. Leave the first drop down menu alone that says "Choose Service". The menu below that, however, you'll need to choose between TCP and UDP. Each of the ports listed in the thread are a specific type. For the single ports (TCP port 80 as an example) select TCP in the menu then put the number 80 in the two blanks next to it.

    Down near the bottom you'll see a couple more small buttons- click the one that says "redirect selected protocol/ service to IP address:" and enter in the IP address you have set for the PS3. Click the Apply button and you have that port added. Do that same process for every other port listed until all are added.

    As for the DNS servers, if you look in the ISP Connection section or the Home Network section you will find the correct DNS servers.
  • Okay, thank you so much ill see what happens.
    and thanks also for the steps.

    when adding the ports, in the first threead in this section, such as "10070 - 10080"
    do i put 10070in the first box then 10080 in the second? or both in one?

    one question, would all this be necessary if i just switched to a wired connection instead of wireless?
  • Yes, in the case of a range of ports put the low number in the first blank and the higher number in the last. You would need to do this even with a wired connection to the router.
  • ok, thanks fpr the heads up.
    so after all this port forwarding, internet connection should now say succeeded instead of failed?
  • what do i do after all port forwarding is done?
  • Once you have the port forwarding done that should be just about it. The only other thing is you may need to give the router a reboot to have those setting changes really take hold.

    Now that you know how to get into the router settings, however, you can now dig in and find what the router has for the DNS Server addresses and change the PS3's settings to match up with those.