Change account info in master account
  • We recently moved to the UK from the USA. I set up an account in the US for my US PS3. I bought a new PS3 in the UK and went into my account to change the info to show the UK but it will not let me change the country. I do not want to lose all my trophies, friends, saved data and downloads by setting up a new account. Any ideas on how to change the country?

    Many thanks:huh:
  • You aren't going to be able to change the country. What I would suggest instead is re-load your US account and keep that as your main name for playing (to keep your trophy count) but also set up a second UK-based PSN master account. You can then use that to purchase the various add-ons you may find yourself wanting for the PAL PS3 games you buy. Meantime, you'll also have your US account to grab stuff that isn't released in the UK just yet.
  • Thanks, I will try that.